Corporate Gifts

Would you like to make a pleasant gesture towards your employees or customers? Are you looking for an original idea that will surely please?
Our selection of refined products with authentic flavors and graphic visuals is perfect for offering a delicious experience and for enhancing your image.

A salty, sweet or mixed gift pack? Products from a particular region? A special theme? A favorite color? Specific packaging? Let us know what you would like and what your budget is, and we propose ideas for gourmet compositions – or even help you find great ideas if you are not sure what you want.

The possibilities are endless but here are just a few examples that could inspire you:

Luxury Design Platter

Wonderful tagliatelle to be enhanced by a dash of Nyons AOP olive oil …

Provencal Aperitif

For delicious bitefuls that will bring the chant of cicadas to your ears …

I Melt for Caramel

Caramels made from salted butter from Brittany in all different kinds of shapes: candies, spreads and cookies …

A Trip to Brittany

Close your eyes; these plain butter cookies and these caramels will do the rest …

Gourmet Brunch

To be shared … or not!


Gift yourself with a gourmet break …

The Salt of Life

Hand-harvested salt whose healthful and savory benefits have been preserved for a tasty cuisine …

The Truffle in All Kinds of Different States

The most prestigious black truffle from Provence for use in refined dishes …

Sweet Delights

Let yourself be tempted by these authentic flavors …

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