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Every country is rich in different traditions and specific culinary specialties that are both related to its geographical location, its history and its culture.

France, thanks to its geographical and climatic diversity, presents a myriad of incredibly varied terroirs which – when combined with the expertise of talented producers – generate remarkable products that are not necessarily of common knowledge.

Since our childhood, we have been fortunate enough to constantly have been surrounded by good cooking and authentic food: the passion of a grandfather beekeeper and distiller, the whiff of mouth-watering aromas at an uncle’s butcher shop, home-made cooking based mainly on edibles either from the backyard garden patch or from the wild . . .

Today, we are imbued with all these things we grew up with – and so have always been attracted by choice local products, typical of the terroir they were born from. We have thus continued our quest to seek out and discover more of them by crisscrossing and exploring France and its regions.

Our boutique, Brimbelle, is a place where we want to share our passion for gourmet products. We vindicate traceability, transparency and the passion of committed producers who are proud of their expertise. The articles in our boutique are produced non-industrially – and are proposed at a price which could not be more in tune with the privilege of being able to enjoy quality products on an everyday basis.

Brimbelle is a place dedicated to sharing, conviviality, discovery and culture.

It is a place where out of the ordinary products are sure to be found.

We will be delighted to welcome you like at home, have you taste our products, tell you the stories behind them and speak about the passion that men have for their terroir.

It is a true pleasure for us to introduce you to traditional or creative recipes that will later highlight gastronomical moments of sharing with your family or friends.

All in all, Brimbelle is an invitation to travel and to awaken the senses through refined products having original and authentic flavors, born from the best of traditional know-hows.

Brimbelle is a link between French producers and “Epicurious” citizens from the province of Quebec.

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Why “Brimbelle”?

“Brimbelle” is the name we give to the blueberry in the Vosges region where we both come from. When we were children, our mothers would make pies or filled donuts out of the “brimbelles” we would pick. This word is not only a complicit wink of the eye to our origins; it is also a symbol of diversity of cultures as well as the concept of terroir.

In addition, the “brimbelle” (or blueberry) is a berry from the same family as the “bleuet” from the province of Quebec. Another complicit wink of the eye!